At Studio Halabi, the thought of a sad PlayStation makes us sad. We wish to make every sad PlayStation become a happy Playstation.

We provide restoration and repair services for the PlayStation 3. Whether your system needs a full interior cleaning, delid and thermal paste replacement, or GPU replacement, we will take care of it.

If your backwards compatible PS3 has suffered the infamous YLOD (yellow light of death) then it's important to know that the most common cause is a defective GPU. The original GPU that shipped with these models are defective by design and how reliable they prove to be comes down to your luck in a lottery.

While reballs or reflows can get the old 90nm GPU running again, it's almost always bound to fail again shortly afterwards. Such methods of "repair" only unnecessarily put heat into your motherboard for no reason, as the main problem has yet to be addressed... the GPU!

If you send your PS3 in for repair, we can diagnose it by analyzing the motherboard and scanning syscon (system controller) for error codes to identify the issue. If the GPU is defective then it can be replaced with a newer 65nm or 40nm GPU sourced from a PS3 slim. The newer GPU's are much more reliable than the original 90nm GPU which shipped in all backwards compatible PS3's. In addition to better reliability, this mod will also make your PS3 consume less energy, run cooler, and sound quieter.

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